Internet Cafè

Showroom, Factories, Sport & Wellness, Offices,

Location: Fiorano Modenese (MO) - Italy
Designer: Project Team Irisfmg
Client: Irisfmg
Design: Pannello Murale

Internet Cafè FABBRICA MARMI e GRANITI has set up a multimedia area for customers in the showroom in its head offices in Fiorano Modenese.
The company's Marketing Office has set up three interactive stations where customers and architects can browse the internet and view all the multimedia aids the company has created for designers and customers.

The space is intended to offer customers an opportunity to get to know the technical properties of these innovative materials better, and so the finishes have been designed to create a futuristic yet sober atmosphere.
The company focused on the design of a wall panel representing a plate glass window looking out over the New York skyline, in a homage to the city holding the position of primacy in technological progress.
Inspired by a photograph, the mural represents a scene that looks almost real, with a series of geometric architectural elements rising toward the sky, making the most of the colours and textures of the materials used in the graphic depiction.

Ten different materials are used in this "photograph" of Manhattan, framed by the black outline of the three rectangular spaces of the "window".


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