Institute of the Botanical Garden of Barcelona, Carlos Ferrater

Carlos Ferrater,

Barcelona, Spain,

Auditorium, Institutions,

copper, Cement,

The Institute of the Botanical Garden of Barcelona is one of Carlos Ferrater's best and most evocative works.

Institute of the Botanical Garden of Barcelona, Carlos Ferrater In this project, architecture and landscape find a poetic synthesis of rare elegance.
The work blends Mediterranean character with a Nordic vocabulary: while the linearity of the volumes, the flat surfaces, and the whiteness of part of the building bring to mind Mediterranean architecture - also represented by the vegetation in the botanical garden - the use of wood in one of its warmest hues brings us back to the compositional vocabulary of mountainous areas.
After all, the garden is located in one of the Mediterranean¿s sunniest cities, but right at the foot of its mountains, in Montjuïc Park. The quiet, clean juxtaposition of volumes, their clear, precise axial alignment, and the effect of their shadows help compose a register of elegant, moderate signs of superb clarity.

Francesca Oddo

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Auditorio y Palacio de Congresos de Castellón

Ferrater & Guibernau: vocational school in Lloret de Mar, Spain, 1993-1996

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