Inotera Headquarter. Taipei. Tec Architecture. 2005

Tec Architecture,

Taipei, Taiwan,

Companies, Offices, Skyscraper,

Glass, Steel,

Colours and forms: there seem to be no limits on the imagination of the design studio responsible for Taipei's Inotera Building, with its 29 thousand square metre mega office complex and 20 thousand square metres of productive plants.

Inotera Headquarter. Taipei. Tec Architecture. 2005 This is the reign of the microchip, growing at dizzying speeds in this part of Taipei.
Nothing is left to chance in this building, which does everything it can to attract attention, in the choice of materials and in the design of its interior and, above all, its exterior. It looks almost as if the architects' intention were to escape comparison with all models, creating a form of architecture that expresses the fascinating world of high-tech technology even on the outside of the building. It also gives new form to a local tradition, the use of tiles, creating an effect similar to that of Taiwan's tiled buildings.
The key to the building is its façade made entirely out of glass: a composition of rectangular panels of different sizes, colours and tones. The result is an expression of variety, fragmentation and assembly.
A system of continuous façades and structural panels covers the building like a multicoloured skin, with a preference for natural shades of green, yellow and blue.

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