Innsbruck Town Hall. Dominique Perrault. 2002

Dominique Perrault,

Innsbruck, Austria,

Offices, Public Buildings,

Glass, Steel,

A town square, an old building, and a spectacular, often snowy mountain landscape: Innsbruck, the capital of Tirol (Austria), decided to build a new town hall and new public spaces in 1996.

Innsbruck Town Hall. Dominique Perrault. 2002 The project in the city's heart revived the two old buildings and the public space in front of them with a series of passages, galleries and shopping areas.
The ground floor contains shops and department stores, while the town council holds its meetings under the roof, where there is also a garden and a panoramic restaurant. But the building's true focus is the glass gallery that cuts right across the entire complex and separates two courtyards: one with trees and a garden, the other containing a little market.

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