Innovation in heating applied to ceramic tiles


We met with Silvio Rancati, President and co-founder of Magister Energy Engineering, a company with vast experience in renewable energy and great inventive capacity which it invests in saving energy and achieving environmental sustainability, an area in which the company’s engineers are constantly working on R&D.

Innovation in heating applied to ceramic tiles

1) Effetto Sole TTI is an electronic radiating heating system. How is it different from other systems already in use?

Effetto Sole TTI differs from conventional systems primarily because it transforms electrical energy into infrared radiation with a certain transformation yield of close to 97%. The infrared wave passes through the air in the room and strikes floors, walls, ceilings, furniture and people in the room, increasing their temperature. All the heated masses improve climatic comfort, reducing the percentage of humidity absorbed and the waste of energy associated with conventional heat exchange systems. The infrared system is the latest innovation in heating for buildings and other applications, but what is really innovative about it is integration with “intelligent” algorithmic control saving a huge amount of energy and preserving the integrity of the environment as a whole.

2) This innovative electronic radiating heating system may be used indoors or outdoors. What benefits does it offer for contemporary architecture and living?

Our heating system can be installed indoors or outdoors, for instance on a patio, under the floor, on the ceiling or on the wall (as in Fiandre’s ceramic tiles) or even in the furniture. It is highly flexible and non-invasive in both new constructions and renovation projects. Effetto Sole TTI multiplies the overall efficiency of the heating system, is very quick and inexpensive to install and operate, saves energy, responds rapidly to changes in the weather, and improves environmental sustainability and psycho-physical well-being.

3) Effetto Sole TTI can be used with other finishing materials in construction, such as ceramics. What aesthetic and technical benefits does this offer?

Effetto Sole TTI can be installed at various stages in the construction process, independently of the finishes used, as for instance in floors or walls covered with ceramic surfaces. Ceramich floor and wall coverings are among the best materials for Effetto Sole TTI, optimising its technical performance. Once installed, the system is completely invisible, permitting great flexibility in design and construction of new forms of architecture.

4) FAB OUTDOOR is a Fiandre Group area with a focus on 2 cm thick materials intended for outdoor use. How did the company’s partnership with the Effetto Sole TTI begin, and what form has it taken?

The partnership between our companies was established to work on development of heating surfaces. Specifically, use of Magister Energy Engineering’s Effetto Sole TTI with Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ materials for outdoor use installed in the FAB OUTDOOR project in Castellarano (RE), presented during Cersaie, has two possible applications: in one case ceramic tiles are used resting directly on the Effetto Sole TTI system, exclusively in dry laying schemes; in the second case a substrate was developed for 60x60 cm ceramic tiles, composed of a frame pre-wired onto adjustable supports for raised floors. This type can also be used in a variety of applications employing the raised flooring technique.


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