Ilti Luce headquarters, Studio UDA.
Turin, Italy. 2002

UDA Studio,



Expansion of the headquarters of lighting company Ilti offered Studio UDA an opportunity to combine technology with formal experimentation, underlining the fact that architecture is a combination of form, matter, colour and light.

Ilti Luce headquarters, Studio UDA.<br /> Turin, Italy. 2002 Two panes of glass create a sort of screen marking its outer edges, one facing onto the public road and the other onto the courtyard.The two glass walls allow the landscape to enter the new building from both sides, while simultaneously making its surfaces an integral part of the new landscape.
The new building is clearly separate from the old one, and this extraneousness reflects the feeling that surrounds constructions of this kind after the end of the industrial era. At the same time the new building expresses a potential that was formerly hidden.

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