Il sole 24 ore Headquarters,
Renzo Piano. Milan, Italy. 2004

Renzo Piano,


Offices, Headquarters,

Glass, Metal,

Transparency, lightness, greenery, "permeability" between inside and outside: these are the main keys to Renzo Piano's plan for the new headquarters for the newspaper "Il Sole 24ore" in Milan.

Il sole 24 ore Headquarters,<br /> Renzo Piano. Milan, Italy. 2004 The need to regain lost space inspired the architect to raise the building by two floors; at the same time, to prevent it from having an overly strong visual impact, the façades were set back 4 metres.
To create contrast with the glass façades, the base of the building is clad in terra cotta and the linearity of its surfaces is interrupted by three turrets, adding dynamism to the geometric whole.
The roof is of very unusual design, almost suspended, like a sort of lightweight flying carpet repeating and emphasising the transparency of the façades. It is a composite system combining a variety of materials: glass, metal and sunshade strips.
Another highly characteristic element is the building's bright green external "curtains" for creating shade, which repeat the green of the courtyard on the outside of the building.
The courtyard is like a little park enclosed within the building's two wings and continues to interact with the building, "projecting" green into it during the day and receiving its light in the evening, when the building's transparency makes it a brightly lit landmark in the city.
This project is more than just a simple restyling, but a more complex intervention modifying the building's forms, materials and colours and establishing greater contact with its setting in the city.

Laura Della Badia


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