Iconographic façades by Studio Job, Amsterdam



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Amsterdam: Studio Job has created an urban game with cement metopes marking the rhythm of the brick façades on the Jatopa complex, designed by Köther SalmanKoedijk Architecten.

Iconographic façades by Studio Job, Amsterdam

Studio Job, run by young designers Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, designed and built decorative cement panels in bas-relief for the façades of the buildings in the Jatopa complex. Jatopa, designed by Köther Salman Koedijk Architecten, is a complex consisting of five brick buildings at the corner of Jan Tooropstraat and Jan Evertsenstraat.

Studio Job added modern metopes made of cement to the brick façades.
The project gives the whole complex a new rhythm and creates an urban game in which passersby become involved in a personal path of discovery of the figures and creation of stories.

The figures are inspired by universally recognisable motifs: flowers and animals, gears in machinery and clockwork, as well as human figures and masks inspired by contemporary cinema.
The figures are arranged in a strictly classical way on some panels, and apparently chaotically in others. The cement bas-reliefs are perfectly integrated into the façades and cover a total of about 800 square metres.
Agnese Bifulco

Façade design: Studio Job
Architectural project: Köther Salman Koedijk Architecten
Photographs: Jannes Linders
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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