Ice Hotel



"End of the year. Beginning of the year. The cycle repeats and reaffirms that every age has, not a purpose, but simply an end. The finite is 'perfectum' because it is complete, because it leaves nothing out. Its end achieves its end."
(Umberto Galimberti, "Il gioco delle opinioni", Feltrinelli, Milan, 1989)

Ice Hotel The architect is certainly left out of the international Star System that stigmatises the new paradigms of the discipline, nor was Jukkas AB, now Ice Hotel AB, created as a construction firm, but rather as a company offering tourism services for lovers of Artic Safaris; what gives the work architectonic status is not so much the design concept as the idea of architecture which is not intended to fit into a given set of values and qualitative parameters, but rather to create its own statute, dictated by nature itself and by an atavistic way of inhabiting the earth by adapting to the cycles imposed by nature at all latitudes.

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