“Hueso”, the concept restaurant by Cadena Asociados of Mexico

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Guadalajara, Mexico. It contains a collection of more than 10,000 bones, but don’t worry: the restaurant designed by Cadena Asociados is consistent with its design concept, from visuals to materials, with all the cleanliness of minimal style.

“Hueso”, the concept restaurant by Cadena Asociados of Mexico

Hueso” is the right name for a concept restaurant containing more than 10,000 bones, and the Mexican studio Cadena Asociados was the right choice to design it.
In Guadalajara’s Lafayette Design District, Ignacio Cadena redesigned the premises of a modern building constructed in the forties, drawing his inspiration from Darwin’s theories; the result is a minimal style with complex content. The building’s outer cladding consists of hand-made white ceramic tile decorated with graphic motifs, and as we enter we find before us ten thousand bones and skulls, carefully arranged so that they entirely cover the building’s walls. The dazzling white interior is attenuated by the wooden tables and chairs, the green garden, the cooking utensils and the stove, all elements which add a cosy note to a setting that would otherwise be rather “aseptic”.

Francesco Cibati

Year: 2014
Architect: Cadena Asociados
Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Surface area: 240 sq. ft.
Client: Alfonso Cadena
Photos: Jaime Navarro


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