Housing development in Makuhari, Japan. Steven Holl

Steven Holl,

Residences, Sport & Wellness,

The housing development built by Steven Holl in Makuhari, Japan is a project offering a wealth of tension created out of the spatial relationships among different parts of the building.

Housing development in Makuhari, Japan. Steven Holl The true "active" elements of the construction are the reflections of light and colour, which express the true dimension of life and dialogue with the surrounding space right in the midst of daily living.
The profound essence of this architecture can be appreciated only if its forms are interpreted as a dynamic element of the construction capable of setting up a relationship with the light effects and conveying a sense of the light weight of the entire structure.

Steven Holl's architectural vocabulary has always been based on the project's adherence to a preliminary concept. This method, found in all his works, has helped him conceive of buildings in unitary terms, avoiding the danger of fragmentation. It has also allowed him to investigate the quality of light and the fluidity of form, permitting him to build the work as a "unicum" in a unique relationship with its location.

Floriana De Rosa


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