Housing Block. Ofit Arhitekti. Izola (Slovenia). 2006

OFIS architects,


Condos, Housing,

Lots of little houses "hanging onto" a coloured wall: this is the effect of the Housing Block, a project built in Slovenia on a hill overlooking Izola Bay.

Housing Block. Ofit Arhitekti. Izola (Slovenia). 2006 The project was designed by OFIS Arhitekti, winners of a competition held by the Slovenian Building Fund for construction of two low-cost residential buildings. The competition requirements included not only a low budget (cost: 600 euros per square metre), but functionality and rationality, with a good ratio between useable space and built volume.
The most important feature of the apartments in both architectural and functional terms is the presence of a veranda in each unit. This small, closed-in but visually permeable space is intended for actual use, with blinds to create shade and plenty of ventilation.
Ventilation is provided by side panels with holes in them to allow air to flow through and cool down the apartments in summer. In addition to these, each balcony is fitted with air conditioning containers. The unusual blinds are intentionally semi-transparent, to offer tenants views of the bay while at the same time protecting their privacy.

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