Housing and office block

Eduardo Souto de Moura,


Housing, Residences,


412 square metres of built surfaces constitute the housing block constructed in Maia, Portugal, to plans by architect Souto De Moura.

Housing and office block Constructed in an area of new growth in the city, the complex includes 32 apartments and 8 commercial spaces, built on a rectangular lot measuring 45x17 metres with an underground parking lot beneath it. The commercial spaces are on the ground floor, with apartments on the other 5 floors. The building is divided into two separate parts with independent accesses which are nonetheless continuous and symmetrical.
All vertical and horizontal links, and the service and storage areas, are located in an internal block. Entrances to the residential zone, to the parking lot and to 4 shops are located on the eastern side, while accesses to the other 4 shops are on the opposite side.


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