The development of public and private housing, poised between tradition and modernity, is confirmed as the most explored area of contemporary architecture in these projects chosen by Floornature. It is an international overview, where innovative urban solutions join truly challenging projects, sometimes in inaccessible, exotic or fascinating places, where architecture is in constant relationship with the surrounding landscape and nature.

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Ypenburg Houses


Ypenburg Houses

Architects: De Architectengroep loerakker rijnboutt ruijssenaars hendriks van...

Claudio Silvestrin<br>Villa Neuendorf in Majorca


Claudio Silvestrin
Villa Neuendorf in Majorca

Designer: Claudio Silvestrin Architects. Client: Hans and Caroline Neuendorf....

Mario Botta, Single family home, Bernareggio


Mario Botta, Single family home, Bernareggio

In the Bernareggio home Ticino architect Mario Botta indulges his preference for brick: a...

Heinz Bienefeld<br> Heinze-Manke home, Germany, 1984


Heinz Bienefeld
Heinze-Manke home, Germany, 1984

The house designed by architect Heinz Bienefeld in Cologne Rodenkirchen is located on a large...

Heidi¿s arc of light: poetry and respect for nature


Heidi¿s arc of light: poetry and respect for nature

A timber house in the woods. Traditional, in that it is based on the model of the farmstead of the...

Valentin Bearth, Andrea Deplazes<br> Willimann A Sevgein Home, Switzerland, 1997-98


Valentin Bearth, Andrea Deplazes
Willimann A Sevgein Home, Switzerland, 1997-98

The Willimann-Lötscher home, continuation of the construction of a mountain village in the...

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