House in Kujyukuri by Kimihiko Okada, Japan

Toshiyuki Yano,

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A wall with a progressive spiral motion moulds the living areas and functional spaces in a home designed for a single person by Japanese architect Kimihiko Okada.

House in Kujyukuri by Kimihiko Okada, Japan

Architect Kimihiko Okada designed a home for a single pensioner in the form of a spiral winding gently around itself.
In an extreme synthesis of functions and materials to keep costs down to within the client’s budget, the architect came up with technical solutions maximising use of the 65 square metres of available floor space.
The home is located in a residential neighbourhood with a few wooden houses built on land that is almost entirely flat. The boundary wall encloses the entire area and determines the shape of the spaces within. Its variable height takes into account the functions that will be performed in the home, starting with the low dividing wall around the garden which becomes the load-bearing wall and dividing wall of the home.
This gradual spiralling motion closes in on the bedroom that is the fulcrum of the entire construction. In this apparently endless spiral, the spaces in the home are distributed in gentle succession taking into account the degree of privacy required for each space.
(by Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Kimihiko Okada architect,(structures) Masaya Kamino - Force Dimension
Photographs: Toshiyuki Yano
Location: Kujyukuri, Chiba, Japan


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