House in Arosio, Emanuele Saurwein with Luca Mangione, Switzerland, 2007

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Lugano, Switzerland,

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On a gently rolling lawn in Arosio, Switzerland, sits a home/studio covered with copper designed by Emanuele Saurwein and Luca Mangione.

House in Arosio, Emanuele Saurwein with Luca Mangione, Switzerland, 2007 It’s a house and a studio. It silently explores the landscape and allows it to penetrate the interior.
It is designed by Emanuele Saurwein of LANDS studio in Lugano with Luca Mangione.
The house is a parallelepiped offering itself to nature by opening up its spaces through large windows in some places and filtering light and colours from outside through a unique copper grid in others.
It looks like a shipping container from the outside, and does not seek to blend into its surroundings, to be mixed up with them or hide in them. Rather, it stands out from the landscape with its bold geometry and colours.
It is the colours that establish a discrete, attentive, intelligent relationship with the surrounding landscape: copper hues like the colours of nature, the moods of fall, the trunks of the trees around the lawn. At sunset, the reddish hues of the sun blend with the brown hues of the home to create an evocative, poetic scenario.
As the architects say: "A green field. A spring wave. Woods. Mountains.
Copper as primary matter. Plastic, ductile, malleable. A rhythmic code to trace the shell containing the emotions. Pure matter from outside, surprising light in the landscape inside. Presence and transparencies
Here and there the copper grid opens up to offer views of the home’s interior. "Space closing and opening with the rhythm of the seasons", write the architects.
The most intriguing opening is the one on the corner of the ground floor: the upper level juts out, creating a suspended yet balanced feel.
The little building is an addition to the living space of another small wooden home nearby. Together the two buildings form an outdoor space in which birch trees have been planted, which has been left in its natural state as a meadow or pasture.
The home is arranged on two levels inside, with the living room on the ground floor and the bedrooms on the upper level.
Clarity and sobriety are the keys to the interiors, in a bright, candid white.
At night the areas exposed by the box’s copper skin create effects of full and empty volumes: the home takes on the shape of a magic parallelepiped which opens up and explains itself in light in some parts, but is sheltered and in darkness in others, introverted and at this point camouflaged.
The home was recently nominated for the " Premio di Architettura Insubrica Claudio Baracca 2008" award presented by the Order of Architects of Varese.
The judges appreciated the care taken in its relationship with the landscape and its ability to fit into its surroundings and make the most of them.
The judges called it "a block of matter made up of transparencies which unexpectedly open up to the outside with surprising lights and glimpses."

Francesca Oddo

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