Hotel & Spa Bad Waltersdorf

Arch. DI Ernst Maurer,

Alexander Koller Photography,

Vienna, Austria,

Hotel, Sport & Wellness,


Wood, Porcelain Tile,

Interior Design, EiffelGres,

The Bad Waltersdorf Hotel & Spa is a four-star hotel between Graz and Vienna built on the basis of an approach that integrates traditional yet contemporary built elements with nature.

Hotel & Spa Bad Waltersdorf The hotel, which opened in May 2009, features a large spa and wellness centre with areas for various kinds of treatments, as well as a restaurant, 124 rooms and 4 suites all overlooking the golf course, with views encompassing the entire valley. The interior design is based on natural materials chosen on the basis of their surface features and textures, underlining the area’s fertility and the forms and colours of its landscapes. Each room is characterised by an open spatial structure, creating an impression of unity and homogeneity between interior and exterior which is reinforced by the warm hues of the upholstery and wood. The sauna and swimming pool, separated by the spa, define two totally different environments: one area inspiring mystical reminiscences, and another with a bright, clear feel.

The sophisticated materials selected by the designers include porcelain stoneware tiles by Eiffelgres: Autentika Rust and Autentika Moor in the 60x30 size with chiselled and natural finishes stand out for their wealth of different hues and luminescence, lights and shadows that underline the architectural space.
In the centre of the lobby is a bar, surrounded by cosy little niches, alcoves in which to isolate oneself to think, read or smoke a cigar in peace. The restaurant reflects the idea of a garden: it has an open layout with a number of different areas described as “garden alcoves”, and a dining area in the middle to create a proper spatial balance.
The conference area, dominated by warm, soft hues, is accessed via a foyer with a light, transparent look with direct access from the outside. Last but not least, the treatment areas are characterised by big designs representing buds, a symbol of freshness, metamorphosis, harmony and fertility.

CREDITS PHOTOS: Alexander Koller Photography
A-1050 Wien, Rüdigergasse 10/Hofgebäude
All rights reserved © copyright Alexander Koller
Competition Interior Design: March/April 2006, 1st Prize ARKAN ZEYTINOGLU - Architect
Site Area: 35.700 m2
Architect Building: Arch. DI Ernst Maurer
Investor: Thermal & Golf Resort Bad Waltersdorf GmbH & Co. KG
Drawing/view credits: ZEYTINOGLU ZT GmbH Wien - www.arkan.at

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