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Eiffelgres, manufacturer of solid porcelain stoneware, will be at the Mostra d’Oltremare in Naples during Hotel and SPA Design 2010, the 45th Mediterranean hospitality trade fair.

Hotel Spa and Design 2010 The 45th ExposudHotel hospitality trade fair in Naples will include the Hotel and Spa Design exhibition and event. A hotel has been reconstructed in a 2500 square metre area, including all its most important parts: the lobby, a spa, rooms and suites, a restaurant and a conference hall. A number of Italian hotel designers and architects have been invited to interpret the spaces to allow the public to see and touch the most innovative designs and technologies for the hotel industry. Architect Alberto Apostoli designed the Suite Spa “intertwined places” with Eiffelgres floor and wall tiles. Eiffelgres has produced and sold high-tech solid porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles since 2001, carving out an important niche for itself on the international top-end architecture and construction scene right from the start.
Intertwined places” illustrates all the functions of a contemporary Suite Spa. The architect uses a variety of different forms and materials and a few bright colours to create a bathroom, a bedroom, a living room, a shower, a lounge area and a coat check. In the background, evoking contact with nature outside the rooms, is an evocative sunset over the sea viewed through a semi-transparent window.

Dates: November 14 - 18 2010


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