Hotel restaurant "Franco e Adriana"

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Location: Pieve di Ledro (TN) - Italy
Architect: Studio Barillari & Pellegrini Geometri associati
Materials supplier: SVAI
Flooring materials: Irisfmg
Project type: Flooring and special interior work for a restaurant

Hotel restaurant Hotel restaurant "Franco e Adriana" in Pieve di Ledro, on the shore of the lake of the same name in Trentino, underwent a major restoration in early 2000 at the hands of Studio Barillari & Pellegrini Geometri associati.

SVAI of Riva del Garda supplied and laid materials from Iris Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, which designed the flooring, coming up with laying schemes and special high pressure water jet work.

There are three colours in the floor, creating a high impact in the large restaurant hall: against a reddish background speckled with different shades of grey, made of Multicolor Red manufactured granite, are a number of inserts of Juparana Classic, in a deep ochre hue marked with definite black and greyish stripes; to these is added the deep black with irregular grains and oblique veins in warm pink hues of Portorosa manufactured marble in a thin border around the hotel's logo.

The outstanding feature of the project is a perfect reproduction of the hotel's logo cut with a high pressure water jet on a large scale (160x160 cm) in a particularly elaborate design involving considerable variation in size and colour.
The high pressure water jet technique has also been used to obtain the two different octagonal motifs in Juparana Classic that punctuate the flooring here and there, coordinated with the ornaments on the carved wooden ceiling of the restaurant hall.
The recent introduction of economic, feasible water jet technology has marked a turnaround in the cutting of stone and ceramic materials.

This high precision technique uses a powerful abrasive jet of water to cut materials into tesserae of various shapes and sizes which may be used to form customised motifs on the surface of the flooring.

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