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Arata Isozaki, Jean Nouvel, Norman Foster,




Everybody is at the Hotel Puerta America... Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki, Norman Foster, Jean Nouvel, Ron Arad ... Staying in the Silken Group's new Madrid hotel is a fascinating experience. Open since June 30 2005, Hotel Puerta America brings together the work of more than fifteen architects and artists.

Hotel Puerta America On the fifth floor, Seville fashion designers Vitorio & Lucchino have brought the intense hues of their fabrics to the architectural space.
On the sixth floor Mark Newson combines warm and cold materials.
On the seventh floor Ron Arad creates a round bed, for as he explains: "You don't go to a hotel to be at home. Otherwise you might as well stay at home". On the eighth floor Kathryn Findlay creates a meditative environment where one feels as if floating "in clouds and coged by wind blowing over snow". With Findlay, Jason Bruges created interactive light installations in the entrance hall and corridors that react to guests" passage.

On the ninth floor, Richard Gluckman experiments with an unusual, eclectic collage of materials.
Arata Isozaki is waiting for us on the tenth floor with a room featuring clear, clean, linear motifs inspired by the words of Junichiro Tanizaki, author of In Praise of Shadows (1935), in which he describes the sensation created by "darkening walls, plunging into the shadows that which is too visible, stripping out from the interior all superfluous decor." Isozaki expresses the gentleness of light in Japanese architecture with a room characterised by shadows - discretely diffuse, dense, enclosing.
The eleventh floor is by Javier Mariscal and Fernando Salas, who draw on the vocabulary of graphics in their rooms.
Our tour ends on the twelfth floor with the architect we started with, Jean Nouvel. Here the French architect is inspired by Japanese interiors: glass panels enclose a series of erotic photographs by Nobuyoshi Araki and Frenchman Alain Fleischer.
Hotel Puerta America is a lively theatre of experimentation with philosophies, tastes, ideas and concepts which are all different yet capable of working together, with great communicative power.
"It is a utopian hotel, a Statue of Liberty, an open book", says Spanish architect Felipe Saez de Gordoa, who was also involved in this multilingual project.

Francesca Oddo


Hotel Puerta America
Avenida America, 41
28002 Madrid
Tel. +34 91 7445400
Fax + 34 917 445401

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