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Location: Milano Marittima - Italy
Client: Hotel Londra
Materials: Ariostea High Tech
Type of work: Renovated
Laying: SAP Galassi-Longiano
Project type: Hotel logo

Hotel Londra In addition to the logos on the outside of the Hotel Londra and in the main hall, the hall is decorated with inlays where forms are modulated with materials in different colours.
As an additional guarantee of quality and to make sure that the results would be as high in quality as the materials used, the clients turned to SAP Galassi of Longiano, who provided qualified installers to lay the materials.
The structures of the building's outer facade are covered with High Tech Madras stone, while logo inlays are made of Pietra Piasentina by Ariostea.
On the inside, materials from the Fior di Marmo series are elegantly balanced by Rosa Egeo and inserts of Rosa Antico in the hall, while the restaurant features 40x40 Marfil tiles with a smooth finish.
Additional High-Tech materials appear in the hotel's workshops and kitchens.
One of the strong points of these man-made stones is that they can be used in any context in building: the choice of product is limited exclusively by aesthetic and chromatic considerations, for all Ariostea High Tech materials are totally frost-resistant and strong enough even for particularly heavy-duty applications such as airports and high traffic areas.
To meet a vast requirement of needs, and to solve the problem of slipping in particular, the company supplied products with four different surface finishes for this project, ranging from smooth to structured.

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