Hotel Levante Beach

Restaurants, Sport & Wellness, Hotel,

Architect: Julio Muñoz & Asociados
Client: Gibeller s.a.
Project date: 1990-2000
Construction date: 2000-2001
Project surface area: 15,000 sq.m.
Address: Avda. Severo Ochoa 3-B - Benidorm (Alicante) Spain Tel.: 966 830 000

Hotel Levante Beach The hotel was completed in 2001 to the plans of Julio Mu?oz & Asociados architects.
Architect Julio Mu?oz tells us about his preferences in designing the hotel: "One of the basic ideas underlying our design was making the most of the biggest spaces in the hotel, giving them the volume and light needed to make them comfortable and pleasant.
This is why, for example, we used a curtain wall and a space two storeys high.Given Benidorm's preference for skyscrapers, we decided to have only ten rooms on each floor, above a large base occupied by common areas so as to gain height and preserve our sea view.
All the rooms face south, precisely because the city is constructed to face the sea.
The biggest difficulty in designing a hotel is usually the location of infrastructures, which must ensure that patrons have convenient access to all services without getting in the way of easy use of the hotel.
We might say that in designing a hotel, the biggest problems lie in those things we can't see.
By way of example, the kitchens are usually located in the basement so that they won't take up valuable space; but this means that the hotel restaurant normally also has to be located in the basement or on the ground floor, where it can get in the way of the entrance.

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