Hotel Everland - Sabina Lang & Daniel Baumann. Leipzig, 2006

Sabina Lang & Daniel Baumann,




Glass, Steel,


Living in a contemporary shell on the roof of a historical building? It's quite possible, as Leipzig's Gallery for Contemporary Art demonstrates until August 5 2007.

Hotel Everland - Sabina Lang & Daniel Baumann. Leipzig, 2006 The severe neoclassical building has submitted to the flattery of a fun, colourful temporary guest: the Hotel Everland, a one-room hotel designed by Swiss architects Sabina Lang & Daniel Baumann.
It's a brilliant, fun idea, suggesting an alternative holiday in pursuit of art, with a touch of architecture too. And only steps away, in fact one floor away, from the art gallery. For the Hotel Everland stands on the roof of the art gallery, perched on top of it like some sort of spaceship.
It's like Algol, Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper's television screen created for Brionvega in 1965. It is a tube-shaped room with a big screen on the end overlooking the gallery garden, exploring it like a telescope from an excellent viewpoint. Apple green, dark green, yellow and white are the colours: its windows are portholes like those on caravans.
The hotel's first guests arrived on June 2. They read the hotel's brochure: "A one-room hotel with a concierge? At an art institution? Breakfast in your room? Towels that are supposed to be stolen by the guests? A fully stocked mini-bar that is included in the price and just waiting to be emptied?".

And they rushed to make a booking. After all, what better opportunity to enjoy art in a fun, unusual situation? The curious hotel is an experience, more than a place: its spaces and its atmosphere seduce the eyes and the mind. The interiors are fluid, dynamic, sensual, cosy. They are designed to satisfy guests' desire for exclusiveness, their need to escape the hum-drum everyday routine.

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