Hotel Burj al Arab, Thomas Wills Wright. Dubai. 1999

Thomas Wills Wright,


Hotel, Skyscraper,

Glass, Steel,

We could definitely call this a record-breaking hotel, as it is the world's tallest (321 m), most luxurious (7 stars) hotel and, of course, one of the world's most expensive ones: "Burj Al Arab" is the "Arabian tower" built in the sea, in the part of the Persian Gulf famous for its spectacular futuristic architecture, primarily intended for tourism.

Hotel Burj al Arab, Thomas Wills Wright. Dubai. 1999 Outdoor lighting necessarily plays an important role in a building of such great visual impact. Its colours change during the night from white to multicoloured.
The idea was to create little light shows that would add to the building's expressiveness and emphasise its presence in the landscape.

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