Hotel Aurora - Simone Micheli. Merano, 2007

Simone Micheli,

Hotel, Free Time,


Interior Design,

Simone Micheli has been working on recovery of the historic Hotel Aurora in Merano for the past few years.

Hotel Aurora - Simone Micheli. Merano, 2007 "I thought of these rooms as a set of materials and forms capable of suspending visitors in an enchanted limbo, suspended between past, present and future,- explains the architect. (...)- And this is a stimulating installation, intended to get all the visitor's senses unconsciously involved."
The new rooms are explosions of design in small enclosed spaces: provocative micro-universes designed for the contemporary hotel, capable of revealing allusive transparencies and sensual lightness, where experimentation and communicative language are associated with practicality and attention to detail.
Arranged on a surface of natural oak planks, the matt white furnishings become fluids spreading over the glossy white surfaces of the walls, where space is experienced in its full three dimensions with a sculpturally shaped mirror extending out of the wall and defining the bathroom right up to the ceiling.
The dynamic geometric motif of the shape of the mirrors is repeated in the white etchings on them and in the stainless steel tubing at the head of the bed. These metals further emphasise the space, enclosing the suspended surfaces of the bedside tables. The wardrobe is a matt white volume of pure, essential shape, with large rounded glossy steel handles, while the sinuous, fine lines of the desk made of white corian(r) continue to form a suitcase support.

The white of the furnishings and surfaces is underlined by the effects of blue lights behind the bed and spotlights set in the ceiling and mirrors. The only bright colour in the room is a red chair. A suspended sliding door of frosted glass etched with words alluding to the world of bodily sensations and the cult of beauty leads to the bathroom, a silvery box entirely tiled with silver porcelain stoneware. The white bathroom fixtures, chrome taps and ultralight glass surfaces of the shower stall and etched mirror, out of which lights shine, are the outstanding features of this little show lit up by spotlights in the ceiling. The sink cabinet, lacquered a glossy white, is suspended at the base by a blue light that invades the room.


Photos courtesy of Jürgen Eheim, Bressanone

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