Honan-Allston Branch Library
Machado and Silvetti Associates
Boston, 2001

Machado and Silvetti Associates,




For the new public library building in Boston, Machado and Silvetti Associates came up with a simple, linear, geometric structure which conveys its public function but is at the same time "marked" on the outside by a skilfully designed structure and carefully selected materials.

Honan-Allston Branch Library<br> Machado and Silvetti Associates<br> Boston, 2001 The new branch, opened in 2001, is an addition to Boston's public library network of 27 branches, located in a semi-suburban area.
The clients wanted a building open to the city with a clearly public character, conveyed by the choice of forms and materials and the building's inner organisation.
Machado and Silvetti came up with a configuration which is both simple and complex: the building has a linear profile combined with a precise, definite configuration of volumes incorporating sudden cuts, as in the multicoloured façade. This part of the building, which faces onto the main road, contains the most important parts of the library, such as reading rooms, research areas and shelves. In its centre are areas for reading, leisure and socialising, enclosed in glass to create a light, clear look.

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