HOME delicate restaurant

Luca Rossire e Riccardo Salvi,



Interior Design, Iris Ceramica,

Location: via Tortona 12 - Milan, Italy
Architects: Luca Rossire and Riccardo Salvi
Landscape architects: Carlo Callari, studio ARePA, Milan
Restaurant HOME-MADE delicate food delivery

HOME delicate restaurant As the name suggests, Home offers clients an atmosphere that is more home-like than a traditional restaurant, with a warm, cosy feel. The new formula and the design were created by proprietor Monica Bagnari with Milanese architects Luca Rossire and Riccardo Salvi.
The restaurant is divided into various different areas, starting with the entrance leading "into the home" through a garden, then into the dining room, passing through a living area which intentionally interrupts the passageway to offer a corner for relaxing or eating in a less formal atmosphere.
Home continues into a little garden, a new design by landscape architect Carlo Callari of ARePA studios in Milan. There is a big bathtub on the veranda, doing away with all barriers between the public and the private.
Stylistic citations refer to the spirit of the '50s with colours such as green, black and white with a symbolic red logo.
The relaxing, casual atmosphere of the interiors is interpreted in the surfaces too, with floors tiled with Lavagna from Iris Ceramica's Format collection, in variant F9: 66x33cm slabs engraved and marked with gaps like strips to add a sense of motion while maintaining the elegance of an all-black surface.

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