Holy Trinity Church

Renee Olive,


Churches & Cemeteries,



Location: Fayetteville, NC
Project: Holy Trinity Church
Distributor: Tile, Inc.
Designer: Renee Olive
Installation: McDonald Tile Co.
Water Jetting: Advance Cutting Technologies, Inc.
Materials employed: floor's Stonepeak Ceramics

Holy Trinity Church To water-jet the 40ft by 40ft labyrinth, Advancing Cutting Technologies, Inc in Aberdeen, NC, was contracted. They were supplied with approximately 1500 square feet of both colors to be used in the labyrinth even though the final product would only measure around 1500 square feet.
This was necessary because the labyrinth's design mixed the colors so often and it actually two pieces, or two square feet, to complete one square foot of the design. During the water-jetting process ADCUT labeled each one square foot section in a numbered and lettered grid. Not only did this assist with the installation, it also enabled the installer to specify which section needed to be replaced if a particular piece were damaged.
Additional material of the same shade and caliber was stored at ADCUT's facility throughout the installation in case of the situation. The water-jet was capable of cutting the labyrinth to a 1/16th inch joint, however the rest of the tile was going to be installed at a 1/8th, and so double jetting was required to open the joints.
McDonald Tile Company was contracted for the installation based on their experience with large scale, commercial jobs as well as their ability for detailed and precise workmanship. The labyrinth was installed first and the rest of the field was installed working outward.

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