Hollein, Bily, Katzberger, Loudon: St. Pölten cultural district, Austria

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In the St. Pölten government district featuring Klaus Kada and Hans Hollein¿s monumental projects, the three architects Bily, Katzberger and Loudon have constructed a complex of buildings in the minimalist style containing a library and an archive.

Hollein, Bily, Katzberger, Loudon: St. Pölten cultural district, Austria Across from the right-hand corner of the library, separated from it by a narrow lane, is the slightly shorter volume of the administrative building and warehouse, four storeys high but with the same eaves line. Adjacent to it is the slender body of the entrance and reading rooms of the archives.
The library surrounds a space which opens up to the west, facing Kada?s concert hall, the main entrance of which also faces onto this space: a courtyard shaded by maple trees and raised a couple of steps above Schuberplatz, sloping on the diagonal.

Situated in the centre of this sober architecture, the space conveys primary, immediate formal messages: it is the only architectural form in the area where one is actually walking on the earth, and not on the roof of an underground parking lot. The profiles and arrangement of the volumes are determined not only by modular, progressive proportionality, but above all by the internal division of the buildings.

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