Hofman Dujardin for Eneco: sustainable headquarters


Eneco is a renewable energy company which now has perfectly sustainable headquarters: a 14-storey building in Rotterdam designed by Dutch architects Hofman Dujardin with Fokkema&Partners.

Hofman Dujardin for Eneco: sustainable headquarters

Dutch architects Hofman Dujardin with Fokkema&Partners designed the new Eneco headquarters. Eneco is a Dutch renewable energy company which can finally boast offices in line with its mission: Hofman Dujardin designed the details of the interiors to create the perfect workplace, complete with solar energy, natural light and oxygen from indoor plants, reflecting Eneco’s ecological mission.

With 14 floors and a total of 25000 square metres, the building has a large central foyer with a transparent ceiling to let natural light into the interiors. The ground floor is designed like a luxury hotel, with none of the austerity of a traditional workplace, and contains bars and restaurants, meeting rooms and three reception areas. The work areas look like islands of energy and colour floating against a white background.

Hofman Dujardin demonstrates how thoughtful design can make it possible to live in a dynamic, flexible, productive and sustainable environment.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Design: HofmanDujardin, Fokkema&Partners
Surface area: 25000sqm
Photos: Matthijs van Roon


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