Higgins Hall, Pratt Institute - Steven Holl. New York, 2005

Steven Holl,

New York, USA,

Libraries, Architecture and Culture, Institutions,

Glass, Metal,

Steven Holl designed Higgins Hall, Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY), a fascinating, seductive place to study where even the least dedicated student will find inspiration to sit down behind a desk with a book.

Higgins Hall, Pratt Institute - Steven Holl. New York, 2005 The work won the American architect one of the 2007 prices awarded by AIA of New York.
The project links together the space between two late 19th century buildings, sitting between them like a stylistic parenthesis, light but capable of producing a play of interferences which underlies the project's strength. For it is these interferences that incarnate the project's symbol and character.
"Labeled a 'dissonant zone', the project is mainly a social connector space, accentuated by a translucent façade where students passing through can be seen day or night", explain the judges who awarded the prize.
The new volume, set between two red brick buildings, is supported by six prefabricated concrete columns; a series of thick steel girders and stone columns constitutes the skeleton of the hall, while a composition of translucent white structural glass makes up its skin. The glass leaves the building bare, allowing it to be read from the outside.

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