Henning Larsen. Opera House. Copenhagen. 2004

Henning Larsen Architects,

Copenhagen, Denmark,


Whether you look at it from the front or from the side, the big roof on the new Copenhagen Opera House still seems to hover in the air, as if the whole building were about to take off. The roof is the most distinctive architectural feature of Henning Larsen's building.

Henning Larsen. Opera House. Copenhagen. 2004 The new Opera Theatre, measuring a total of 41,000 square metres, stands on a sort of island bordered by two canals each 17 metres wide.
The building is divided into two main parts: the auditorium itself and the backstage area, united by a big metal roof.
The auditorium covers 5 storeys and is lined with panels of oak and maple with gold finishes: materials that create a particularly cosy feel and make the 1700-seat hall look like a huge, precious seashell.
Two wide stairways on the ground floor link the entrance with the auditorium and its balconies.

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