Henn wins the competition for Cenke Tower in Taiyuan, China

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Henn Architekten has won the design competition for Cenke Tower in Taiyuan, China.

Henn wins the competition for Cenke Tower in Taiyuan, China

The judges have chosen the project by the German architectural practice Henn Architekten in the design competition for construction of Cenke Tower, a new skyscraper in Taiyuan, China.
The building will be about 280 metres tall and contain offices, hotels and commercial spaces, located near an important North-South traffic artery.

The architects have come up with a tower that has an oval-shaped floor plan. The walls parallel to the street are convex as if to underline the motion of the vehicle traffic. They are covered with glass with different degrees of transparency and with opaque aluminium panels to control the flow of natural light in different rooms and provide panoramic views of the city. The concave walls, on the other hand, are covered entirely with clear glass, revealing what goes on inside the skyscraper and lightening up the volume of the building. The concave shape of the wall embraces a sunken garden, the form of which completes the layout of the tower.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Henn Architekten
Location: Taiyuan, China
Images courtesy of Henn