Hearst Tower. New York. Norman Foster. 2006

Norman Foster,

New York, USA,

Headquarters, Skyscraper, Offices,

Glass, Steel,

It is a new piece of the skyline of the Big Apple and it certainly does not go unnoticed, given that it is 182 metres high, but above all due to its composite shape together with the reflections of 46 floors in glass and steel: the Hearst Tower is the building that the British architect Norman Foster has designed for the Hearst Publishing Group, needless to say.

Hearst Tower. New York. Norman Foster. 2006 Rainwater is recycled by using the roof as a storage tank; from here, the water collected is taken underground where there is a 53,000-litre reclamation tank. The sheathing too, composed of a structure of diamond-shaped steel modules, was not merely a formal choice, since it meant that it was possible to use 20% less steel than would have been necessary for more conventional systems.
Regarding the layout, the atrium on the ground floor leads to all the other parts of the building and is flanked by an auditorium, a lobby and areas providing restaurant services. In the atrium too, there is a spectacular "Icefall" created with recycled water, that guarantees the microclimatic comfort of the ground floor area.

Laura Della Badia

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