He Wei’s design for a cup of Zen tea in Beijing

He Wei Studio,

He Wei, Zou Bin,

Beijing, China,

Art Center,

Chinese architect He Wei has transformed a disused factory from 1970 into a Zen space, where you can enjoy a refreshing cup of tea, with meditation pathways and a large garden inspired by ancient Chinese culture, all in the heart of Beijing.

He Wei’s design for a cup of Zen tea in Beijing

The project by He Wei demonstrates how the architectural life of a building is changeable and infinite. By renovating a factory from the 1970s He Wei has created a place in which to practise Zen philosophy and drink tea, immersed in a traditional Chinese atmosphere.

This is how the Ding Hui Yuan Zen & Tea Chamber has come to life in the centre of Beijing. It is a Zen space, which mirrors the spirit of the Far East and its ancient concept, and not only by displaying ideograms that are just as old. There has been a total re-design process focussed mainly on the pathway followed by visitors, on an interplay of light and shade and on the large garden.

To enter the building, you have to follow a circular walkway specially designed to calm the soul, before arriving in the real tea or meditation room. As well as the use of traditional materials and graphics, the whole project has been designed to echo the essence of Chinese philosophy, in which one must "see a whole picture by starting from little details ".

Francesco Cibati

Location: Beijing, China
Year: 2016
Total surface area: 450 m2
Architect: He Wei Studio
Photo: Zou Bin, He Wei

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