Haus im Haus - Behnisch Architekten. Hamburg, 2007

Behnisch Architekten,

Amburgo, Germania,



Haus im Haus is Behnisch Architekten's plan for expansion of Hamburg's Chamber of Commerce.

Haus im Haus - Behnisch Architekten. Hamburg, 2007 The difference between the idioms is clear, expressed in the form of interferences: opaque and clear materials, minimalist lines and sculptural volumes, monumental atmospheres and lightweight designs, severe architecture and playful architecture. This ongoing play of interferences is itself the heart of the project: its ability to fit into the fabric of history with an intelligent, light narrative weft.
"The new structure is composed of layers and planes, where lightness, immateriality and reflection contrast the solid, elaborate walls of the existing building. A variety of fascinating spatial solutions emerge within both the new structure and in relation to the existing building", the architects explain.
The luminosity of the "house within a house" is accentuated by a system of LEDs designed with Nimbus Design.

Francesca Oddo

Photographs: Jurgen Landes

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