Hans Kollhoff, Knsm-Eiland building, Amsterdam

Hans Kollhoff,


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The construction of the KNSM-Eiland residences in Amsterdam¿s harbour area is a very important project: the product of successful dialogue between architecture, participation of citizens and public institutions.

Hans Kollhoff, Knsm-Eiland building, Amsterdam A layout of this kind makes the most of all the possibilities offered by the Dutch building code. The street is connected to the wharf which the southern side of the building overlooks through a transverse passage cutting across the building. The ends of the southern facade are folded sharply inward to embrace an old house at the entrance to the courtyard.
This interrupts the circular form, creating an image better suited to a public space. The City?s preferences were taken into account in the cuts and clefts on the shorter sides.

In order to preserve what remained of the old park in the harbour, the western side was opened up with an arcade of twenty-four coloured columns four storeys high.
The need to preserve a roadway between the new block and the adjacent one resulted in curving of the eastern wing, which is made entirely of glass with loggias at intervals.
It then continues above the arcade, with five floors of masonry parapets which jut far out and emerge from the brick walls as closed cubes.

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