Haifa, Sail Tower
Avraham Curiel Architects. 2003

Avraham Curiel Architects,


Offices, Skyscraper,

Glass, Steel,

37 floors with a total height of 140 metres: Sail Tower has become the chief landmark in Haifa, not only because of its size but due to its unusual form.
The 40,000 square metre building marks a milestone in the recent urban redevelopment of the Israeli city, the country's industrial capital.

Haifa, Sail Tower<br>  Avraham Curiel Architects. 2003 Offices and archives are housed underground, with businesses on the first two floors above ground; there are twenty-five floors of office space, and the roof is divided into five levels to top off this futuristic architecture. Halfway up the tower is a cafeteria and restaurant.
The building's most striking characteristic is its form, like that of a sailing ship with sails unfurled. The area in which the new development rises is prevalently the home of big hotels and buildings with rather featureless architecture; in such a setting the Sail Tower stands out, while at the same time returning to local architectural tradition with its curved lines and undulating forms.

The load-bearing reinforced concrete structure consists of a central body surrounded by pilasters around the perimeter. There are two extra pilasters at the swollen area halfway up the tower.
There are no pilasters in the office space, which is supported by a 200 mm thick floor.

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