Hahnhof-Stift Centre

Residences, Bar, Factories,

Location: Baden Baden, Germany
Materials: Iris Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti
Architect: Walter Eisele
Project type: high pressure water jet work and flooring for entire building
Client: Barbara Schug

Hahnhof-Stift Centre The Hahnhof-Stift Centre, a luxurious assisted living residence offering guests every possible form of comfort, recently opened in Baden Baden, Germany.The residence was designed by architect Walter Eisele in partnership with the centre's director at the time of the project, Barbara Schug.Flooring throughout the building combines the precious colour of Rosa Portogallo with the stronger hues of Persiano Rosa inserts from Iris Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti.The rounded form of the centre's hall is taken up in two concentric circles of Persiano Rosa manufactured travertine. The innermost circle encloses a rose created by an arrangement of Rosa Portogallo manufactured marble ashlars.Here as elsewhere, the high pressure water jet technique is used to create an exclusive atmosphere that truly stands out with its simple colours and harmonious forms.

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