Guanajuato State Library. Pei Architects. Guanajuato (Mexico). 2006

Pei Architects,


Libraries, Cultural Center,


Glass, Stone, Steel,

Inside the Guanajuato Cultural Centre of León, a polyfunctional complex that will house theatres, museums, schools, restaurants and shops, the first part of the work, designed by the Pei Partnership Architects Studio, who are responsible for the entire masterplan, has been completed.

Guanajuato State Library. Pei Architects. Guanajuato (Mexico). 2006 A harking back to tradition is, however, found in the choice of covering for the facade, where the "cantera", typical Mexican stone with pink hues, plays a leading role.
Another feature of this project is that it exploits natural light, as the skylight that covers the large atrium shows. The result is architecture with clearly contemporary language, both in its materials and in the formal choices of building systems, but the use of local stone aims to underline its link with its surroundings.
Like most works by Pei, this architecture is characterised by its decisive style: strong, but also rational and pragmatic.
The cleanness of the design, stripped of every superfluous element, fuses with attention to detail, technological innovation, structure and functionality. This can be seen in the precision of its lines and in the search for an expressive quality that is based on a careful choice of materials and the potential of light.

Laura Della Badia

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