GranitiFiandre Megastore

Libraries, Offices, Showroom, Store, Sport & Wellness, Companies,

Glass, Stone,

Location: Castellarano, RE, Italy
Desinger: Studio Archea
Project type: Showroom
Client: GranitiFiandre
Flooring: GranitiFiandre
Lighting: Martini
Fittings: Alan Rinaldi
Steel components: Lam Inox
Glass components: Vetreria Paltrinieri Silvano
Iron structures: SAV
Painting: Styl o
Chairs: Ycaml
Spotlights: Martin
Printing on film: SeriCart Pubblicità
Security system: Intecom
High pressure pipes: Diemme Neon
Structured wiring: Seit
Climate control: Sici
Eib software: Has
Audio, video and lighting technology: Sangalli, GranitiFiandre Technical Office

GranitiFiandre Megastore The new GranitiFiandre showroom is located close to the company's Castellarano headquarters and measures about a thousand square metres, with one side built to allow for further expansion.

The client wanted not only sales and marketing space, but a way of providing information on the company's production methods and philosophy.
The project aimed to create a quality working environment which would also have a high impact on visitors.
This is why the interior recreates the quarries from which the materials used in production originally came, evoking the spatial qualities of a quarry, artificial or natural, of stone or marble, irreversibly and cyclically transformed.
The analogy with the quarry, as a space which has been eroded away, is evidence of the lasting alliance with nature and of the open process of production and invention of natural materials.
A place where our innate perception of time is stopped, where space crystallises into five stereometric volumes of clear glass arranged without alignment along the main route through the showroom.

Each volume contains one of the required functions, from the library to the hall of marbles and the design area.
All the paths linking them are raised about thirty centimetres above the fine sand that completely fills the interior, and the glass of the containing volumes rises out of the gravel, illuminated like iridescent slabs.

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