GranitiFiandre Meeting Room

Archea associated,




ventilated façades, GranitiFiandre, Granitech,

Location: Castellarano, Reggio Emilia
Construction: 2005
Architect: Studio Archea
Project type: interior design
Supervision of works: Michelangelo Perrella

GranitiFiandre Meeting Room Inclusion of Lastre Luminose from the Geologica collection in the centre of the floor, where the chairs are, creates a spectacular effect, as if the 110 seats in the Meeting Room were levitating.
Advanced technologies used to create this "carpet of light" included water jet cutting, which permitted the luminous slabs to be fitted in between two slabs of Pietra Basaltina.
Another technology used in the new GranitiFiandre meeting room is the GHS Granitech ventilated wall system with invisible connections, unusual in an interior.
he gap between the outer wall and the dry mounted slabs of Pietra Basaltina covering the walls, installed on a metal structure, not only offer better thermal and acoustic insulation for the room, but makes it possible to house an inset strip all around the room for exhibiting materials and a prototype of light fixtures developed specifically for the occasion with Martini Illuminazione, the company with which GranitiFiandre produced its Lastre Luminose.
Essential forms and purist use of materials characterise the new space designed by Archea for GranitiFiandre, with which it has shared the spirit of experimentation and research for many years.

Flores Zanchi

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