GOLFO GABELLA-Lake Resort. Maccagno (Lake Maggiore)
Maurizio Salvato and Simone Micheli. 2007

Maurizio Salvato, Simone Micheli,

Lago Maggiore,

Residences, Sport & Wellness,

Glass, Stone,

A lovely natural setting combined with technological innovation and Italian design: these are the ingredients that go into the "Golfo Gabella" - Lake Resort, a new waterfront real estate development on a splendid inlet on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore.

GOLFO GABELLA-Lake Resort. Maccagno (Lake Maggiore)<br /> Maurizio Salvato and Simone Micheli. 2007
The tasting area and the restaurant share significant continuity of formal solutions. The flooring, which looks like macro parquet, is made of "beola" granite and the wall surfaces are mainly made of masonry blanched and left exposed.
These alternate with wall dividers with a rough plaster finish, likewise blanched. The plasterboard ceilings are painted white like Renaissance vaulted ceilings, transfigured by the presence of rounded openings revealing a black base.
The black ties in with the furniture, and particularly the black tabletops with silver-coloured iron legs and metal chairs with a silver finish, padded with black imitation leather. The large mirrors on the walls have slightly rounded geometric forms and holes in them, and give off a halo of blue light projected onto the white walls.
Sliding glass doors etched with rounded shapes form a suffuse divider between the restaurant and bar areas. The 70 metre long bar counter experiments with solutions that underline the purely sensorial elements in the composition.
Here too, the wall surfaces are bare blanched masonry and the floor is made of ?beola? granite; the whiteness of the whole is underlined by the glass and the mirror. A clear glass counter in the middle of the bar area creates a subtle divider. White LEDs are scattered here and there over the floor, adding to the magic of the place by casting multiple shadows.

Laura Della Badia

Photos by: Jurgen Eheim

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