Global architecture – infrastructures, mobility, new landscapes

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An exhibition at the Triennale di Milano celebrates that entire network that enables the modern world to function.

Global architecture – infrastructures, mobility, new landscapes The exhibition that opened at the Triennale di Milano shows visitors roads, railway lines, airports - works that have played a fundamental part in laying the ground for human activities. An increasingly delicate part in a constantly threatened environment where functions and habits change rapidly all the time.

The exhibition curator, Alberto Ferlenga, architect, has broken down the exhibits into four sections. The historical section is dedicated to infrastructure constructed and designed in the 20th century and provides the binding continuity of the exhibition. This section showcases famous projects such as Le Corbusier's designs for Alger or Chandigarh, or the projects that Saarinen designed for Helsinki station, as well as extensive documentation of Italian engineering projects constructed in the ‘50s and ‘60s in Italy and abroad.

The three sections that follow are dedicated, in order, to works completed or underway abroad, in Italy and lastly to major infrastructures at the global level. Forty-five video reports which show young architects and researchers presenting the world cities that they live in and discuss the major infrastructure work underway explore the projects exhibited in more depth.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: L’Architettura del mondo - Infrastrutture, mobilità, nuovi paesaggi
(Global architecture – infrastructures, mobility, new landscapes) curator Alberto Ferlenga
Dates: 9 October 2012 – 10 February 2013
Location: Triennale di Milano, Italy
Gallery: courtesy of Triennale


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