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(…) buildings born out of local culture and history, combining technology with the natural environment, boldly integrating architectural elements with landscape (…)
Born in Venice in 1967, Giuseppe Tortato graduated from Politecnico di Milano before moving to Amherst, Massa­chusetts, where he worked with a pupil of Paolo Soleri on public and private buildings constructed according to the principles of bioclimatic architecture.
Upon returning to Milan, he worked with Dante Benini for a couple of years before joining Milano Layout and becoming co-proprietor of the studio. In the first decade of the new millennium he designed the studio’s most important real estate projects, working on new building complexes and urban redevelopment projects.
In 2012 Tortato founded Polisfluxa Srl and Giuseppe Tortato Architetti, “new containers” in which to pursue his career, bringing his multidisciplinary, “tailored” approach to architecture and interior design projects for Italian and international, corporate and individual clients.
Tortato’s approach to design is the result of his research in the areas of sensory experience and sustainability, making human beings and nature the central elements around which to design his buildings and bringing natural elements into the spaces he designs.
He created the Green Business Hotel concept for Beni Stabili in Milan and designed the Hotel Metropole in Paris for GVA Redilco; these projects were chosen as finalist and winner of the 2009 and 2010 Hospitality Awards, respectively.
He has taught hotel design at Polidesign in Milano and La Sapienza University in Rome.
His La Forgiatura project in Milan brought Tortato renown in Italy and all over the world. He was the only Italian architect selected among 40 candidates for the 2013 Energy Performance + Architecture Award. His architecture and retail projects were shortlisted in a number of design categories for The Plan Award in 2015 and 2016, and his AB Medica headquarters project was selected for the Dedalo Minosse International Award in 2017.
Tortato is currently working with a multidisciplinary team of professionals on residential, office, fashion and food retail projects in Italy and abroad.

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