Gigon-Guyer: sports centre in Davos, Switzerland


Sport & Wellness,

The sports centre is Gigon and Guyer¿s second building in Davos, after the Kirchner Museum: though the two buildings clearly treat different themes, they share the same intellectual reasoning, wisely seeking a point where minimalism and naturalism meet.

Gigon-Guyer: sports centre in Davos, Switzerland In the museum building, for example, they conducted an exemplary investigation of the theme of glass: the outside of the facades is covered with the material, which is also used inside to produce a diffuse light.
A sports centre in Davos could not have avoided reference to the urban and tourism traditions of this Alpine town, and in fact the indissoluble link between location and function appears here, as in all buildings designed by the two architects.

Recreating an atmosphere strongly linked to the place through simple architectural tools makes this work something more than a mere architectural and artistic construction. The centre contains a variety of functions and spaces: it has a storage area for machinery and equipment, a sports medicine facility, and an apartment and bedrooms for guests taking courses at the centre.

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