Gesine Weinmiller: Federal Labour Court


Stone, Wood,

After reunification in 1990, in Germany there was an urgent need to put up new buildings, often to replace existing ones; since architecture in the eastern part of the country then found itself at a turning point with regard to the quality of the constructions, designers cherished the hope of being able to create a better constructed environment on a wide scale in the eastern zones.

Gesine Weinmiller: Federal Labour Court Although the shape of the building is a monolithic block barely enlivened by openings and lateral courtyards with loggias, it has a rhythm and vitality which is almost imperceptible and therefore all the more physically attainable.
The ventilation slats, which can be operated individually, are hidden behind natural stone walls that are hollow inside. The surface of the main facade has been made less plain by cutting a series of slim horizontal indented channels into it, while the uniform grid of the windows is interrupted by glass sunshades, which can be extracted from their housings by electric mechanisms.

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