Geologica Shops

Claudio Nardi,



Architect: Claudio Nardi
Client: GranitiFiandre S.p.A.

Geologica Shops The idea is to define spatial entities that do not entail merely furnishing the sales space with furniture that has a new image.
These spaces are organized in a form of complete distribution consisting of a hardware component (furniture, floors, etc.) and software (product assortment and display type, sales methods).

The new Geologica sales points are laid out in spaces covering 50 smq, defined by a range of compositions that can be adapted to different contexts.
In defining the areas, they create very linear, lightweight spaces, making the materials the true protagonists and letting visitors follow smooth courses that immerse them in the world of Geologica artificial stones.
They spark interest and curiosity, excite and draw visitors into an atmosphere that has little to do with the codified stereotypes of the ceramic tile world.

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