Gaudì Showroom



Store, Showroom,


Interior Design,

Location: Via della Chiaia n.186, Napoli
Designer: Archemstudio
Construction: 2002
Client: Gaudì Trade

Gaudì Showroom A lacquer red door identifies the entrance to the shop, which has two levels: a "public" one at street level, more seductive and attractive, housing the entrance and the cash desk, and a more "intimate" upper level where people may choose garments to try on in comfortable changing rooms.
The trait unifying the two levels is a monolithic pane of glass rising all the way up the staircase, acting as a filter on the ground floor and then as a parapet and finally as a gallery on the upper floor, where it helps create a strong sensation of opening and intercommunication among the different spaces in the boutique.
The architects chose to enclose the display areas in a box with simple form and neutral colour: the walls an ceiling are simply whitewashed, but with a warm shade which blends in perfectly with the floor.
The slabs of flooring are made of Crema Eda Geologica manufactured stone -GranitiFiandre, the perfect material for shops in that it combines an elegant, refined finish with all the resistance to wear necessary in commercial premises.

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