G. B. Morgagni - L. Pierantoni Hospital Grounds

Catia Amadori,

Forlì, Italy,



Location: Vecchiazzano - Forlì, Italy
Construction date: 2003
Designers: Architect Catia Amadori and GranitiFiandre

G. B. Morgagni - L. Pierantoni Hospital Grounds The goal behind the design of the new Morgagni hospital in Vecchiazzano was to create a home-like atmosphere where users would feel at ease and experience day-to-day life similar to life in their own homes.
Priority was given to the citizen/user's relationship with the environment, conceived not only in terms of space but as a complex system for receiving users, for the staff's work, and for active relations with the city and the local area. And in fact the hospital has strong links with the city of Forli.

Physically speaking, the user is warmly welcomed right from the square in front of the hospital entrance, designed by architect Catia Amadori, where special effects are created with colour in the pavement using GranitiFiandre materials.

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